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"Musika" ©Steve Einhorn

Singers, instrumentalists of all kinds, and ukulele players are invited to join the Quality Folk Dojo. Subscribers are also eligible to attend the private live dojo on Tuesday evenings in northeast Portland, Oregon. To inquire about joining the live dojo, please email

for more information.



Dojo is a Japanese word for "a place of the way" to practice the discipline of martial arts. The Quality Folk Dojo is on online "place of the way" to expand your knowledge and to apply in your personal practice on folk instruments like uke, guitar, banjo, voice and percussion. Topics and perspectives, charts and art related to songs, music, art, songwriting, tunings, singing & harmony ideas, videos, charts, tab, essays, photos and anecdotes drawn from the influences that shape our relationship with music in daily life. The Quality Folk Dojo website dojo was created to exhance musical creativity through the lens of two lives in folk music. Kate & Steve have shared from their perspectives and influences. Membership is free and participants are invited to ask questions and request song charts.


Tuesdays evenings

6:30 - 7 Snack Potluck
7 - 7:30 Vocal Dojo
7:30 - 9 All Play & Sing
The Tuesday night Quality Folk Dojo is a weekly gathering (invitational, not open to the general public) for singers and advanced beginners and intermediate players to learn how to develop and tune in to ensemble dynamics while improving skill, technique and knowledge. We teach and make music through songs in a friendly environment in northeast Portland.

The dojo is open to singers, uke AND other instruments. To inquire or join the dojo,

. To sign up for dojo instructional materials online, subscribe to the online dojo below.


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 Click House Concerts page and our Ukalaliens Workshop page for hosting information!