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Portland Romance Wildgeese Celtic Music of the Northwest Songs for the Season Brick and Mortar Bicycle Songs Pearls Tales from Puddletown Harbour Now and Then Dancing in the Kitchen Whole World Round Music To Life Compliation 2006 Celtic Woman 3: Ireland Celtic Twilight 4: Celtic Planet Celtic Twilight 3: Lullabies

Portland Romance

Portland Romance

Celtic Music of the Northwest

Wildgeese: Celtic Music of the Northwest
The missing master of the out-of-print recording, "Wildgeese: Celtic Music of the Northwest" featuring Randal Bays, Bill Bulick, Kate Power, Jim Chapman and Barry Crannell, produced by Mícheál ÓDomhnaill and engineered by Michael O'Rourke at Grass Roots studio in Portland 1983, was rediscovered by friend of the band, Alan Garren, in 2007. Although there was some degradation when the tape was played back, it was salvageable. We decided to do what could be done to preserve the recording. The unmistakable touch of the master in the Mícheál ÓDomhnaill mix remained reverently untouched during the restoration and now the reissue of the original Wildgeese debut album is ready to share.

Please visit the Wildgeese blog ( for music and memories that speak to the vibrant culture and rich music community in Portland, Oregon and its Celtic bloom during the time when this beautiful recording was rendered. We welcome your memories, comments, social sharing and participation as we re-release this musical timepiece. Please visit and share at

Songs for the Season

Kate Power & Steve Einhorn singles
A new Christmas carol for you...

Kate Power ©2014


Come sing! Shepherds & kings,
Sing for the babe in the manger.
Peace and joy to bring, and
Bless you wherever you go.

Out in the wood on a wintry night,
The evening star shone so brightly, so bright;
And there in the manger, a baby boy born,
To Mary, a baby was born!

Out on the road, through the desert three kings,
Did ride with their eyes and their senses so keen,
For a sign of the King they were seeking, foreseen,
For a sign of the King forseen.

The cattle and horses, the piggies and sheep
All huddled up close for the Baby to keep,
Swaddled there in the arms of His Mother, asleep;
Swaddled there in her arms asleep.

"Mary's baby!", the angels sing,
"Mary's baby!", Prince of Peace!

Now Mother and baby are gone long ago,
This story is Older than Older than Old...
Still on every Christmas morning is told,
On Christmas morning is told.

That there in the wood on a wintry night
The evening star shone so brightly, so bright!
And there in a manger a baby born born
To Mary a baby was born

All rights reserved ©2014 ℗BMI/Katidoo

Soalcake: A favorite of carolers who went from door to door at Christmastime, soliciting food and drink in exchange for their harmony, the origins of this song date back to at least the 16th century though the tradition is even older.

Emmanuel comes from the ancestral antiphons of Advent vespers dating back to the 12th century, harmonized in the warm voices of Kate & Steve on guitar, harmonium and bowed psaltery.

O Sanctissima: A beloved traditional Marian hymn in Latin. O sanctissima, o piissima dulcis virgo Maria mater amata, intemerata ora, ora pro nobis.

Bicycle Songs

Bicycle Songs
Steering Bicycle Safety with rules of the road that swings and sings a sweet lullaby under the moon on wheels ...

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar
"Brick & Mortar" is available now at cdbaby and live concerts! Download the whole album right into your ipod.

"Brick & Mortar" is the seventh release from Kate Power & Steve Einhorn. Folk rodeo harmony, yodels and all, singing stories of "Highway 101", "Under the Moon", from the saddle of the last of the cowboys in "Wallowa" to the flirty romance of "Crush" in a bar, and then the cost of one man's voice in "Travis John" to Zulu and a lullaby. "Brick & Mortar" sings. All original, live and hands on.

"I am sent immediately to that place of safety that can only be reached at the hands of journeymen artists. The power and precision of their performance gives me the complete trust to lean into the music, to get lost in it.

Then Power takes out a ukulele and begins "Before You Go", a song she wrote for Einhorn. He joins her on guitar. It is a sweet song with sweet harmony. Like all good folk songs, it sounds as if nobody wrote it. It is as if it's always been there."
- NW Examiner, April 2009

Recorded live in the intimate setting of Kung Fu Bakery with engineer, Bob Stark at the board in Portland, Oregon.

Pearls: The Tribute Collection

An award winning song finds the cost of war in one man's voice. "Travis John" is a call from an Oregon soldier to his family. "Pearls, the Tribute Collection was created in memory of Travis John Bradach-Nall, the boy from Portland, Oregon and down the street who answered the call to Iraq at the age of 21.

First prize winner, Music2Life at the Kerrville Folk Festival 2006 awarded by Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul & Mary and an iconic panel of judges for the Public Domain Foundation to honor songs that make a difference and grant funds to social causes to make a better world. (Limited copies in stock.)

Dancing in the Kitchen

Dancing in the Kitchen
A bestselling classic of Kate Power originals.

Vocals & DADGAD Guitar - Kate Power
Guitar & Harmony Vocals - Steve Einhorn

Warm thanks to our friends who played the songs with us, straight from the heart.

Johnny Cunningham - Fiddles
Aidan Brennan - Guitar & Harmony
Sylvia Hackathorn - Pennywhistles
Harley James - Pedal Steel
Peter "Spud" Siegel - Mandolin
Bill Rhoades - Harmonica
Dan Schulte - String Bass
Jon Lindahl - Electric Bass
Brian Davis - Percussion

Nova Scotia, Sweet Air, Old Salt produced by Kate Power and Johnny Cunningham. Aidan Brennan on guitar & harmony vocals. (First released 1995)


This debut collaboration of one of the most dynamic songwriting duos in the Pacific Northwest delivers depth, simplicity, gorgeous guitar work, beautiful harmonies and stunning songwriting.

Recorded live in the studio and produced by Craig Carothers, this album is a longstanding favorite. For those who want to be moved by wonderfully original songs between two incredible artists in love, this is it. You'll not only hear it, you'll feel it ... and play it over and over again.

Now & Then

Now and Then
The writing is beautiful, the pace upbeat, the harmonies will make you swoon and the themes are classic Power & Einhorn. This cd is likely to be in your rotation for a long time to come. From Bayou to Celtic to pure Americana, Power & Einhorn pair up in harmonic convergence stirring together good medicine to cure what ails you.

Cast of Musicians:
Kate Power: Vocals, DADGAD Guitar, Banjo, Bodhran
Steve Einhorn: Vocals, Guitar, High-Strung Guitar, 6-string Banjo, Marv Drum, Zils
Gregg Williams: Drums & Percussion
Phil Baker: Bass
Mark Spangler: Electric Guitar
Harley James: Pedal Steel
Mike Van Liew: Piano
Courtney Von Drehle: Accordion on "Nothin' Doin"
Brian Davis: Percussion on Oracle
Lex Browning: Fiddle & Mandolin
Dan Compton: Fiddle
Mick Doherty Hammered Dulcimer
Jim Walker: Accordion on "These Are My Mountains", Organ on "Killin' the Blues"
Jim Chapman: Pennywhistles
Jim Smith: Cello
Jewel Shield: Harp
Ken Einhorn: Sitar

Tales from Puddletown

Tales From Puddletown
In the tradition of folk, Pete Seeger and Peter, Paul & Mary, this selection of songs is designed for the enjoyment of the parents as much as it is for the youngsters. These songs will give you a melodious background to sing along to from morning to night, tub to bed. Easy on the parents, fun for the kids.

From Power's old-time banjo tune, "Old Bullfrog" , Einhorn's animated "Candy Man" to the ancient Irish lullaby, "Castle of Dromore", Kate Power & Steve Einhorn bring original, traditional and ancient songs into your family's repertoire. Intelligent, warm, and full of imagery of the world around us, these songs make you want to sing, harmonize and dance.

Cast of Musicians:
Kate Power: Vocals, DADGAD Guitar, 5-String Banjo
Steve Einhorn: Vocals, Guitar, High-Strung Guitar, Ukulele, 6-String Banjo, Horn Lips
Gregg Williams: Drums & Percussion
Phil Baker: Bass
Courtney Von Drehle: Accordion
Harley James: Pedal Steel
Mike Van Liew: Piano, Trumpet
Lex Browning: Fiddle
Dan Compton: Fiddle
Mick Doherty: Hammered Dulcimer, Upright Bass "Old Bullfrog"
Jim Chapman: Pennywhistles
Brian Davis: Percussion on "Guabi, Guabi"

Whole World Round

Whole World Round

Celtic Woman 3: Ireland

  • The Holy Ground - Mary Black
  • Bridget O'Malley Bridget O'Malley - Kate Power
  • The Star of the County Down - Sheoda
  • The Green Fields of Canada - Cherish the Ladies
  • Little Look - Eleanor McEvoy
  • Moll Dubh - Emer Kenny
  • Blackthorn - Anuna
  • The Flower of Finae - Skilda
  • Oro Mo Bhaidin - Cathie Ryan
  • Down By the Salley Gardens - Maura O'Connell
  • Storm In My Heart - Dolores Keane
  • Theme from Harry's Game - Clannad
Celtic Woman 3: Ireland
Beloved voices of women in the Celtic genre, "Celtic Woman 3: Ireland" (2008) Kate Power sings "Bridget O'Malley" in a rare mix of Irish voices and beautiful songs. An Irish compilation of classics.

Music to Life Compliation 2006

Music To Life Compilation 2006
The songs of Music to Life top 10 finalists, including grand-prize winner "Travis John" at the Kerrville Folk Festival June 2006. Noel Paul Stookey's Public Domain Foundation created Music to Life for songs promoting social change and honored the memory of Cpl. Travis John Bradach-Nall by presenting the highest award to "Travis John" by Kate Power (performed by Kate Power & Steve Einhorn) with a win of $1000 for Adopt-a-Minefield in his memory.

Celtic Twilight 4: Celtic Planet

Celtic Twilight 4: Celtic Planet
Like its predecessor Lullabies, Celtic Twilight 4: CelticPlanet is an inspiring concentration of Celtic sound, with the Hearts of Space nod to the global community, and energizing forum for creative artists. A featured track, SHEILA CHANDRA's "Lament of McCrimmon/Song ofthe Banshee", brings to mind Baaba Maal's "Call to Prayer" and other mystical hymns by her Real World labelmates at its inception but unfolds to reveal a Celtic lament, complete with Chandra's ever-mysterious vocals.

Following notes across fading borders, Dubliner Declan Masterson's "Spanish Point" serves as a reminder of the Celtic outpost in Spain. The delicate interplay of flamenco guitar and whistles moves past nostalgia to an ancient, common longing. CARLOS NUNEZ's "Two Shores" is even more Latin, but with flauta standing out in the breezy mix. The track also features the stylized-guitar and mandolin work of RY COODER.

The Pacific Northwest is another Celtic bastion and a home to folkster KATE POWER and harp guitarist JOHN DOAN, whose respective tracks "Wild Wind" and "Where Horses of Faery Hide" are expertly produced by Nightnoise's BILLY OSKAY. Power's rich, well-articulated vocals on the chorus, "Oh Wild Wind, won't you blow and carry me to my love," enhances the need for love and unity. Doan's track is a wistful journey througha mythic space, cymbal washing in heroic parades and whistling the commencements.

Celtic Twilight 3: Lullabies

Celtic Twilight 3: Lullabies
Contemporary artists from Ireland, Scotland, and the U.S. tap into the wellspring of Celtic tradition, while taking the unique ambiance of the Hearts of Space style to another level. On the opening track, ARCADY's "John O'Dreams," the playful steps of BRENDAN POWER's harmonica and NIAMH PARSONS' affectionate vocals are set against a delightfully pastoral landscape of guitar, strings and woodwinds. The lyric refrain, "All things are equal when the day is done," breathes a hope-filled message to the world. The other ARCADY track, "Lullabye," featuring a wonderful vocal performance by FRANCES and MARY BLACK, supports the theme of reunication after periods of sorrow.

Four songs, newly commissioned for Lullabies, will enthrall both Celtic enthusiasts and new listeners. KATE POWER's deliciously dusky voice and delicate guitar work showcase the evocative lyrics of Castle of Dromore. Similarly, the rened folk sensibility of JULIE LAST's original "Nightingale's Lullaby," and the gentle blend of synths and harp of BARBARA HIGBIE's "Asleep in My Arms," open a path to dream-lands. Finally, a new instrumental by Jeff Johnson and BRIAN DUNNING, "All Through The Night," joins ambient strains and Celtic visions, with definite soundtrack appeal.