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Our Music

Best You Can

(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
written by Kate Power
In the morning as I get up from my bed
Without a warning feel a brewing in my head
It's like a storm I feel this restlessness
I think of you in stormy weather

Like the birds fly, before you know which way they've gone
And turned to blue sky like a memory in a song
We used to sing, we sang it soft and slow
Like everything you made it better


My, my
Isn't life a funny climb
When all's said and done
You try and try
To do your best to understand
You do the best you can

Out the window where I used to shout
Out your name in winter weather
Where you told me when the sun came out
I think of you in stormy weather


Light the candle so you can find your way
To turn the handle to that old back gate
Come to me, don't ever hesitate
I'm here for you, I'm here for you

In the morning, as I get up from my bed
Gusty storming, knitting clouds across my head
I think of you, and how I used to be
When we were young, Without a worry