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Our Music

Cycle Safety Swing (Bicycle Safety Song)

(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
written by Kate Power & Steve Einhorn
(c)2008 (P)BMI/Katidoo Publishing

Here's a piece of advice
I don't want to tell you twice
Just in case you might need it
About the code of the road & the golden rule
Don't make me repeat it
Number #1, put your helmet on
Strap it under your chin and get along
Ride in single file, mile after mile
Maybe two abreast when you pass the safety test

Remember, always pack a snack in your little rucksack
And drink a lot of water
Fill your bottle to the top, everytime your make a stop
Just like you know you oughta
When you're ready to pass, ring-a-bell!
Pass on the left, on the left, that's swell! and
Keep your neighbor steady and everybody ready to ride!

Single file, single file, mile after mile
Pedal to the beat on your iPod's neat
But keep an ear free for the "Beep! Beep! Beep!"

So a little advice, when you're riding be nice
Don't be foolish or crazy
You can have a lotta fun on Cycle Oregon
And I don't mean maybe
We're twenty-two hundred strong
Sharing the road all along
Cycling through sweet Oregon,
Cycling through sweet Oregon!