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Our Music

If I Found My Love

(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
written by Kate Power
Waitin', waitin', night after night
Tossin', turnin', I turn out the light
Lost in a fright

Ooh, if Love found me again
Bluehearted, broken and bent
True I could be to the end
If I found my love.

Maybe I'm crazy but all kinds of sweet memories
Wash over me
I know, just maybe, you're out there thinking of me
A kind of sweet misery

Ooh, for the words to explain
You've got me going insane
Through this old heart's windowpane
You can see my love

Rising, falling, day after day
I go to work and to play
I wander and I wonder just what I could say
To try and turn you my way

But ooh, won't you open your eyes
True love is here in disguise
You couldn't lose if you tried
To untie my love

Walkin', walkin', bend after bend in the road
Workin' my load
Laughing, crying, don't know which way to go
That one's still to be told

But ooh, if Love found me again
You'd be my own favorite friend
True I would be to the end
If I found my love.