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Our Music


(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
written by Kate Power
Button up your coat and put your hat on
Don't forget the biscuits in the bin
Tell sweet Nellie I'll be by tomorrow
For a bit 'a tea and cheer to warm the wind

Row, fisher, row
Catch your catch and go
May the wind behind you
Blow you home

Tell her Sally says she going over
She'll be saying "hello" to your kin
Take a gift to Mammy? She's be glad to
N sure a little pacquet for the kids

Row, fisher, row
Shore to shore you'll go
May the tide bring you home

So buckle up your boots and take the good way
Dock and dory, fishes in the creel
The wind is up, the tide'll take you over
So bring a fish to Nellie's supper meal

Row, fisher, row
Shore to shore to go
May the wind blow you home,