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Our Music

Mariachi Man

(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
written by Kate Power & Steve Einhorn
There's a table in the other room
Framed upon it are some children laughing
And some favorite people that I knew
I was younger then

There was my brother and my sister too
They held my hand and we were all together
We made promise to be good and true
We've always been

When something in my world shakes
When something in my heart breaks
Before I come undone
I remember you

I go along a long and winding way
I take myself and all my memories with me
No matter where I am, I find my way
I think of you Break

I heard it in your voice the other day
You were going in your own direction
In the distance then, so far away
I was missing you.

It's here we live, it's here we while away
Minutes full of running weeks of ours
And I know that there will come a day
Wishes come true

When something in my soul shakes
And something in my heart wakes
The two of us as one
Me and you.