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Mercy High, Mercy Low (Cathy's Song)

(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
written by Kate Power
I can't love you more than I do
True lovin's hard to explain
You've seen me through
You see through me
You see the things that I do

Mercy high, mercy low
No goodbye, just hello
Come right here
Don't you go
Here under sky
On stepping ground
Take my hand, turn around
& we'll waltz up sweet memories

I do love you more than old shoes
More than the sun on the rain
There's nobody's got somebody
The way I got you on the brain


Hold me, let's dance together
One, two, three
Steps break like sudden feathers
And hearts break free

I was so wrong, you were so gone
I never got over your name
Just to lose you, forever
And we're dancing together again

Hold me, let's dance together
You lead me
Waves break in turning weather
and hearts break free