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Our Music

Nothin' Doin'

(Steve Einhorn & Kate Power)
written by Kate Power & Steve Einhorn
Nothin' doin', nothin' gained
I'm Tired of Sittin' on the rail
Bolt of lightnin', runaway train
Like a hammer on the head of a nail

I been lucky, I been framed
I been setup and I've been shot down
But if I'm right, I'll be with you tonight
Before the Rising moon goes down

I been waitin' for you
To say "Come on, come on"
You been waitin' for me
To do the same
If we wait any longer
Too long, too long
We won't know what we're missin'
Till it's way too late
Won't know what we're missin'
Till it's way too late

Sweet sugar, sweet honey babe
I'm shipwrecked on an I-sle of woe
You got me crazy, I'm goin' insane
Lost in you Sweet undertow

Say you love me, sa-y you do
I'll be yours forever and a day
Love no other, the way I do you
I'm waitin' just to hear you say