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Our Music

Nova Scotia

(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
written by Kate Power
Never saw a day lovelier
Takes my heart astray to my own true love
He, so far away on over the sea
So far from me

It's out with the tide, we'll haul away, Sully
Bound for Nova Scotia, my sweet love
Is standing by the dockside for me to be greeting
So haul away to my laddie-o

Aye, to hear his voice softly calling
My sails would I hoist, to his land would I go.
Aye, but if he was waiting
Freely would I go (Out with the tide)

Aye, it's been a year since we parted
Woe, how the tears in my breast do arise
Aye, but to know he'd be wanting
Me, there by his side

Standing here, where the ships do meet
For the captain's cheer, a good word for me
"There's a cabin free for the lady;
We sail for the northern sea".