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Our Music

Old Salt

(Kate Power)
written by Kate Power
Here's to rolling with the tide, old salt
Here's to giving thanks for all
Here's to laughter when the tears would fall
Here's to the one that binds us all
Here's to the rolling tide

Haul away, let your sheets go, mate
Pull the anchor, boys, it's getting late
The ship is ready, full of fish topside
And the wind is steady on the rolling tide.

Here's to the fish that fed us handily
Here's to the jug that warms the knees
Here's to the twinkling old eyes that see
Here's to the arms that last held me
Here's to the rolling sea

Haul away, let your sheets go, mate
Drop the dory, boys, it's getting late
My heart is ready from the good long ride
And that wind's so steady on the rolling tide

Here's to bringing in the boat to shore
Here's to kisses on the moor
Here's to Mary and her babies three
Here's to a pint in good company
Here's to comin' home from sea

Pull her in with your ruddy hand
The shore's before us, boys, we're hitting sand
I see my Abby, Isabel and John
"It's home to Mary, Pa
the supper's on.
It's home to Mary, boys,
I'm homeward bound"