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Our Music

Olive Oil's Song for Popeye

(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
written by Kate Power
Honey, isn't it funny?
Special deliveries that don't go through.
Sunny Aloysius and honey,
To Mexico, we could go too.

& We could take our time
& Make up silly rhymes
& I could sing my song to you

Baby, mashed potatoes and gravy
(Just) Sweet as pie, right as rain
Sweetpea...'s in the bed, fed and sleepy
(His) Hammock's tight, all snug and true

& Then I hear the sound
of you, I turn around
To you, I turn myself

Poor Baby, never time to get lazy
Too little time, too much to do-o-o-o
Honey, with your handyman money
We could go out and paint the town
& I could hold you tight
Under the soft moonlight
& We could dance our dance
In 2...