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Our Music


(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
written by Kate Power
What are y'doing here, sonny, have you come to buy-o
So many things of fine beauty, here before your eyes-o
Freedom's why I've come, lady, though you seem disquised-o
My time is near undone, lady, have you wings untried-o
Living as I do beneath the ruins
Fear has left me locked again inside
Give me but a key to this confusion
I've traveled far and darkness fills the skies-o

The lady in looking him over, around and round she'd go
His heart began to flutter, her eyes they seemed to glow
Put your hand in mine for but a moment
Take the touch and hold it in your soul
Leave it there alive, it is but kindling
There to burn your passage from the cold-o

As he stood there holding, a musical sound began
The tears within unfolding while in his ears it rang-o
Woman, have I sadness overflowing
Or am I but your pawn to memory?
Let the rivers run to where their going
Let the answer come, she said to me-o

In a full and a hearty crying till the rivers they came no more
Lifting his head a-sighing, his eyes were filled with more
The lady held a shawl of rainbow colour
Shining on the collar was a star
Wear it 'round your shoulders till it shows no more
Take it to your heart and freedom's door

And when on the door you are knocking,
The fire inside will be bright
And freedom will grow in the giving
And giving will grow in the light
The seed you came to find is yours to carry
Your fears will all be buried bye and bye
Love will keep your heart and soul a-married
Until your earthly journey meets the skies-o

So what are you doin' here, sonny? Have you come to buy-o?