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(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
written by Kate Power
I'm sittin' by my window, I'm just waiting for you to come 'round
Don't need to tell you what to do when my heart begins to pound
I've got my soul in the balance, I'm feelin' out of whack,
I make you go away but I want you back,
The way it was before you took my heart never to come back

I knew it when I met you and I knew it when I knew you when
That if we didn't get together I might never get to try again
You make me want run like a river of love
Take you in my arms beneath the stars above
Tell you that you took my heart and I don't want it back

I never knew that love could be what I thought it was
Because it always came out different than what I thought it was because
There was something about me just wasn't ready
So I rode the road, slow and steady
Till you took my heart and now I can't get it back

When it comes to true love there's nothing anybody can do
Because it feels so good inside and there's nothing here to hide from you.
Now I know I said, "Never again!"
I thought it was over, I thought it was the end
Then you took my heart and I didn't want it back again