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Our Music

These Are My Mountains

(Kate Power & Steve Einhorn)
For fame and for fortune I wandered the earth
But now I return to the land of my birth
I brought back my treasures but only to find
They're less than the pleasures I first left behind

For these are my mountains
And this is my glen
The days of my childhood
I'll see them again
No land will ever tempt me
Nor far will I roam
For these are my mountains
And I'm going home

Just been by the roadsign and I'm going back
The lark overhead wings a welcoming cry
No longer the droll plight; once more I will see
Sure, it's there that my heart lies
There I would be

Kind faces will meet me and welcome me in
And oh! How they'll greet me back home again
This night 'round the fireside, sad songs will be sung
At last I'll be leaving from my old mother's hut