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Our Music


(Steve Einhorn)
written by John & Kim Cunnick
Well, it's every living creature is a part of what it seems
And what'll wake here every morning is a child of last night's dream
As the sapling has been twisted so the tree's been turned around
And as I live and breathe and sing here this poor boy's been timberbound

There seems to be a gap or so I won't go into here
And I know there was a sunrise, WWII was in the air
But I carry still the name I bore, some few that I was called
And I've prayed at night a child of mine might bear no name at all

I've lived on Fell and Baker, Lord, I loved that slender town
It seemed to be the misty past, I took the long way round
I've seen the circle squared in cedar and the saw go spir'ling round
As I waited by the carriage with my mind on Timberbound

I've waited by some breakdowns when I did not have a tool
I've lived my life from hand-to-hand and been a harp short as a rule
I've spoken to musicians, shit, I've listened to the blues
But the boy that's down without a song is the boy that's payin' some dues

I've been snowbound, I've been waterbound
I've been bound to travel, too
I've been binded in the bands of love
I loved it a time or tow
I've been bonded to the firmament
I've been bound to love the blues, and
I swear to God, my friends there's times
I've been timberbound like you