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Our Music

Whole World Round

(Steve Einhorn)
written by Mitch Jayne -Dean Webb
I heard my neighbor's rooster crow, early in the day
I heard his axe beyond the hill and now I'm bound away
For some may love the city life, some may crave the town
But I'll be bound for the lonesome woods
And there I'll settle down

Fiddle and a bow and the firelight's glow
You can hear that lonesome sound
I'll leave behind my troublin' mind
And go the whole world round

The red squirrel leaves when the grey squirrel comes
The eagle nests alone
A hundred miles from the wagon track
Is where I'll make my home

I've seen the old man whittlin' wood
I've seen the streets of town
I'll pack my goods for the Arkansas woods
And there I'll settle down