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Our Music

Willow and Lily

(Steve Einhorn)
written by Brendan Smith
Willow and Lily, rosebush and briar
Two tired eyes and memories for hire
Rainy nights the headlights
The gleam on the street
No place to meet someone
And know someone to meet
Know someone to meet

In a bus depot, out of a job
Pinball machines and the gal on the loudspeaker
Callin' out arrivals and baggage to claim
But never one does her voice even mention your name
Oh lord, won't you call out my name

Now Henry McGuinn, has been in and out of childhood
And the army and the Humboldt County jail
But I didn't do nothin', but nothin's a crime
So they served me their meals and I served them my time
But my time ain't worth a dime

So I put on my cork boots and I worked with other men
As a logger on the green chain in nineteen and twenty nine
But the work dried out, the money moved on
Now I'm stuck between muscatel, midnight and dawn
But you know it won't be for long

Now there's a place down on "B" Street
It's God's chosen dive
If you sit through a sermon, they'll keep you alive
Jesus is in the oatmeal, St. Paul's in the stew
Holy Mary's in tears and they blame it on you
But Lord, what can I do?